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A few services continue on towards mainland Lombok. At the moment, direct fast ferries from Benoa to lembar have stress stopped running, but only searching on the Internet can give you the latest information on which companies are providing service to lombok. Flores and Sumbawa ferries run from Labuhan Lombok on the east coast to poto tano on Sumbawa. Since arranging your own transport on both sides can be fiddly and expensive, it's cheaper to arrange this through any travel agent, many of whom offer fares across Sumbawa and onward to Flores. Perama tour 13 is the largest operator, with offices in Senggigi and various points around Bali. Some companies also offer direct cruises via komodo / Rinca to Flores. The trip takes around 4 days, much of it across open water, costs around US100, and the companies usually use boats with no navigation or safety equipment other than some lifejackets (i.e. No radio, flares or life rafts). Exercise some caution if booking package tours. Apart from the journey itself being tortuously slow, hotels and agents will happily sell you tickets without even checking whether the ferries are running (they are sometimes suspended for days at a time for bad weather, especially if one has sunk recently and the bus. At this point, your travel company may suggest either a very expensive private boat or a suddenly very expensive ride back to the nearest town to get a hotel. They also often have a surprise extra charge - levied after you've paid for the original ticket and the original ticket seller is long gone - for baggage over 10kg, with the actual amount being random within the same company depending on who is demanding. This information is printed on the bus ticket you receive when you hand in the original sales receipt, so there's no way to know about it prior to purchase.

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They are used mostly by the local people and for transportation of goods in the vehicles riding on the vehicle deck. Generally there are few international tourists on board but these ferries remain the traditional means of inter-island transport for the majority of the local people. These ferries are subject to delays and breakdowns and are best avoided in heavy seas. Access to the passenger deck is usually from the vehicle deck via steep and narrow stairs, so maneuvering heavy luggage is a challenge. Would-be porters wait by the docks, and will happily carry your stuff for Rp 10,000 per item. Sometimes they insist on doing so even when you don't ask. They can be a bit intimidating, and sometimes try to overcharge. Foreigners may be particularly hassled by hawkers peddling food and drink. Lots of Kuta travel agents offer end-to-end transport, including a van ride from your Bali hotel to padang bai, the ferry ticket, and a ride from the dock on Lombok to your ultimate destination for Rp 130,000 and up depending on where you are going. If vector you're going to the gili Islands, there are many speedboat services directly from Bali; see gili Islands for details.

cash only in Indonesian Rupiah. Prices vary dependent upon the final destination and are subject to occasional change. Some taxi drivers may well be happy to drive you around and help you to find somewhere to stay at no additional price as they are often compensated by the hotel you choose. Some of the larger hotels offer pick up transfers to and from the airport. You will need to book ahead for this. Private operators often offer transport services at the airport and any such transactions should be approached with caution to ensure that their fees and vehicle are appropriate. No parking fee is payable on exit from the lombok airport. The passenger is responsible for paying the airport Parking fee if the taksi is entering the airport. Please note that the metered taxis operated by Bluebird (Lombok taksi) 12 and Express taksi can only drop off at the airport in Lombok and cannot pickup passengers inside the airport grounds. By boat Bali Slow boats from Padang bai on Bali leave about every hour (24 hours) for the four to five hour trip to lembar Rp 35,000. The slow ferries are a bit rusty and dusty, with minimal restroom facilities.

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A flight offered from Yogyakarta (on Garuda) is currently not scheduled. Nusa tenggara barat has a few scheduled flights to sumbawa besar and Bima with Trigana air. For domestic flights, it is best to work with a travel agent to find the latest information regarding which airlines are flying to which locations and the price. Special deals are often offered at the last minute from places like surabaya. Different airlines frequently change both their schedule and their routes depending upon consumer demand. Do not depend on information from the airlines either by telephone or provided on the Internet by tourism information and booking sites as it is frequently outdated. Use a travel agent that you can see is actively working to find you the best airline for the cheapest price. Later when you are departing Lombok it is prudent to allow generous buffer time in transit between connecting flights at onward destinations from Lombok. Flights operating out of Lombok are often delayed and occasionally cancelled without notice. Extra care should be taken when needing to join international flights in Bali, jakarta or Surabaya.

Get in by plane lombok's only airport is Mataram's Selaparang Airport (AMI) 2, which occasionally also shows up in flight schedules as "Ampenan" (hence the seemingly odd airport code). There are frequent connections from Denpasar (DPS) on Bali (20 min. Flight time) and Surabaya (SUB) (1 hour flight time) and jakarta (CGK) (2 hour flight time). International flights are limited with kuala lumpur (KUL) 3 daily on Merpati (via surabaya ) (SUB) and Singapore (SIN) thrice weekly on Silk air. Visa on Arrival ( voa ) facilities are available at the international terminal. Lion Air 5 offers an online booking service with credit card payment facilities for Mastercard and Visa. Bali is serviced by garuda 6, indonesia air Transport iat 7 (Turbo Props merpati 8, and Trigana air 9 (Turbo Props). Merpati has four flights daily, but has a reputation for cancelling flights when the flights are not full. Passengers bags may be offloaded without notice by Trigana if the aircraft is over capacity. Java sees daily connections to jakarta with Garuda airlines, lion Air and Batavia air 10, while lion Air, batavia and Merpati fly to surabaya (SUB).

Traditional magic is widely practised to ward off evil and illness, to seek good fortune or to assist with the resolution of disputations and personal antipathy. There are a range of outcomes sought ranging from love spells to death. Thieves will often have magic used upon them so that their bodies will become 'hot' leading to a confession, a frequent trespasser may become disoriented and become 'lost' or a boy may fall under a girls spell of desire and fall in love with her. Magic may be practised by an individual alone but normally a person experienced in such things is sought out to render a service. Normally money or gifts are made to this person and the most powerful practitioners are treated with considerable respect. Climate While tropical, hot and humid, lombok is drier than neighboring Bali, which makes it a particularly attractive option during the October-December rainy season (it rains on Lombok too, but rarely for more than an hour). The peak of the tourist season, though, is may through August. Talk The main local language is Bahasa sasak - the language of the sasak people of Lombok. Bahasa sasak is spoken throughout Lombok and has dialectal variations across the island. Bahasa Indonesia is also spoken or at least understood by many local people and will normally used in government offices, larger shops and businesses. In the more remote and undeveloped areas of Lombok however, bahasa Indonesia is not frequently used and often cannot be understood by the local people, especially the elderly and those who have missed out on formal schooling. English is common in the resort areas and occasionally some other European languages are spoken by people involved in the tourism sector.

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The Christian minority religion is actively practised in Lombok by some of Chinese ethnicity and other Indonesians especially zeelandnet those from East Nusa tenggara. There is also a small Arab community in Lombok whose history dates back to early settlement by traders from Yemen. The small community is still evident mainly in Ampenan, the old port of Mataram and retain many of their own traditions. Due to the siting of an unhcr refugee centre in Lombok some refugees from middle eastern countries have intermarried with Lombok people adding a further subtle middle eastern cultural influence to lombok. Recently people of Iraqi origin have arrived in Lombok and many remain in Lombok in a state of limbo for an extended time whilst trying to seek immigration to nearby australia or elsewhere. There is also a small number of people predominantly from Europe, australia and New zealand who are resident or semi permanent residents of Lombok. Some have business activities in Lombok or nearby or work in the mining industries of Nusa tenggara barat. Most are living in the coastal areas of West Lombok. Lombok has individual settlers and small communities of Indonesian people from other areas including Bali, jawa sumbaya, bima and Timor as well as other areas of Indonesia but the prevailing culture remains that of the sasak people. Many influences of animist belief still prevail within the sasak community. lombok peper

Many of the waktu telu beliefs are entwined with animism. Waktu telu has influences not only of Islam, but also hinduism and pantheistic beliefs. There are also remnants of Boda (people without a religion) who maintain Pagan Sasak beliefs. Before the arrival of Islam Lombok experienced a long period of Hindu and Buddhist influence that reached the island through java. To this day a minority balinese hindu product culture remains strong in Lombok. "The nagarakertagama, the 14th century palm leaf poem that was found on Lombok, places the island as one of the vassals of the majapahit empire". The hindu minority religion is also practised in Lombok alongside the majority muslim religion. Hinduism is followed by the many ethnic Balinese who have travelled across the lombok straight from Bali as well as some people of indigenous Sasak origin. All the main Hindu religious ceremonies are celebrated in Lombok and there are many villages throughout Lombok that have a hindu majority population. Lombok experienced a period of Balinese occupation until the dutch colonial government reinstated the sasak rulers in the early 1890's following a direct appeal from the deposed Sasak rulers to the dutch colonialists asking them to assist in driving out the balinese occupiers. After a protracted, costly and destructive military campaign the dutch eventually overwhelmed the balinese with a bloody battle fought around Ampernan and Mataram. The people of Lombok however remained under Dutch colonial control of the netherlands East Indies until the japanese occupied Lombok in the 1940s.

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The anticipated tourism boom has been halted on several occasions. In 2000, mobs of the ethnic Sasak people, ostensibly provoked by fundamentalist Muslim agitators from Maluku, looted and burned churches as well as homes and businesses owned by hindus and ethnic Chinese. The bombing of nightclubs in Bali in 2002 and the further explosions in 2005 further exacerbated the fears held by foreign tourists. For many years many Embassies issued advisory travel warnings against travel to Indonesia. The ensuing years have been peaceful, but tourists have yet to regain confidence that travel to lombok is safe. Currently a large tourism project sited in Tanjung Aan (Aan bay southern Lombok is in the planning and development stages. A new international airport (Bandara Udara Internasional Lombok baru) and associated infrastructure is currently being built in central southern Lombok. The new airport is planned to be in operation 2010. Culture lombok's people are 85 Sasak : around.6 million of a total population.95 million in 2005. They are culturally and linguistically closely related to the balinese, but unlike the hindu balinese, the majority are muslim. The Islamic religion first arrived in Lombok in the early half of the 16th century. A notable non-orthodox Islamic group found only on Lombok are the wektu telu three prayers who as the name giek suggests pray only three times daily, instead of the five times stipulated in the quran.

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It is also part of the biogeographical boundary between the fauna of Indo-malaysia and the distinctly different fauna of Australasia. The boundary is known as the wallacean Line, after Alfred Russel Wallace who first remarked upon the striking difference between animals of Indo-malaysia and those of Australasia and how abrupt the boundary was between the two biomes. Calling Lombok paradise does not mean it is all things for all people. With a few exceptions, the natural landscape and the traditional way of life have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Virtually all small to medium size businesses are run by local families. Many of these businesses sell a wide variety mellékhatásai of merchandise, where villagers can find food, hardware, and toys all in a single small store. While it is possible to find five-star hotels run by global estee corporations this is the exception not the rule. The ubiquitous global fast food franchises are restricted to two outlets in the precincts of Mataram Mall in the main City of Lombok and are well sign-posted. History of tourism The dominant Sasak culture in Lombok and the very restrained and quiet nature its people may help explain why lombok is less popular in terms of shopping, cuisine, and nightlife than Bali. Lombok is however becoming increasingly popular with tourists and honeymooners who want to relax in an inexpensive, tropical, uncrowded atmosphere, with many natural treasures and majestic scenery. Nothing happens quickly in Lombok and visitors who are stressed from their daily lives find Lombok a delightful getaway.

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From wikitravel, asia : southeast Asia : Indonesia : Nusa tenggara : Lombok, contents, lombok is an island in the, west reviews Nusa tenggara province. Mount Rinjani looms large over Lombok. Mataram - ylläs capital and the largest city by far, bangsal - little harbor servicing the gili Islands, kuta - a surfing mecca like its Bali namesake, but that's where the similarity ends. Lembar - for boats to, bali, praya - lombok's second city, senggigi - the main tourist strip, including the neighboring beach. Mangsit, sekotong - west Lombok. Off the beaten path, this area is fast becoming a tourist destination. Gili Islands - three islands off the west coast, popular with backpackers. Gili sulat - two off-the-beaten-path small islands off the east coast, mount, rinjani - large, active volcano looming over the island and the 3rd highest peak in Indonesia, lush resort garden, senggigi, lombok. Located just east. Bali, lombok in many ways lives up to or exceeds the promotional term, "an unspoiled Bali". With beautiful beaches, enchanting waterfalls, the large, looming volcano of mount Rinjani combined with relatively few tourists, lombok is indeed the paradisaical tropical island that many people still mistakenly imagine bali to be now. Lombok and Bali are separated by the lombok strait.

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Dieng Plateau bij Wonosobo. Gunung Bromo vulkaan bij Malang. Meer informatie over java: Landkaart en sattelietfoto van java. Het weer in java indonesie.

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Java, de meeste toeristen en backpackers trekken door java naar Bali via de route jakarta, bogor, bandung, pangandaran, yogyakarta, surkarta (Solo malang naar de havenstad Ketapang voor de overtocht naar Bali. Zij bezoeken dan de volgende belangrijkste hoogtepunten van java: Botanische tuinen (de kebun raya) van. Theeplantages rond de puncakpas in de omgeving van Subang en Pengalengan. Vulkaan Tangkuban Prahu bij Bandung. Het, kraton Paleis van Yogyakarta.

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