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The cats like it, its easy to use, sifts well, is not dusty, traps odours and is easy to clean. Id try a bag out and see what you think for yourself. The litter Schedule i just want to preface this by saying that this is an ideal schedule; we do not keep it all the time. We do as best we can. . When we do keep to the schedule, the results are the best. The litter gets scooped twice bogyó daily; in the morning when I feed them and at night when he feeds them. . we scoop the litter into little lunch paper bags and dispose of them with the garbage (dont worry, we dont light them on fire and place them on our neighbours doorsteps). . he cleans the box out weekly and changes the litter. . do we stick to our plan always? No, but it really helps in managing that smell when. .

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we sprinkled it in a cleaned out litter box and gave it a try. . It has no scent and is not dusty. . Again, the cats were impervious to the change. . What I liked is that it behaved the same way clumping litter does, making both number ones and number twos easy to clean up after and still allows the rest of the clean litter to sift through the scoop back into voor the pan for future. It leaves no dust at all and does not break down once wet, and finally, it traps in odours well. I like it, however its not quite the greatest odour eliminator. Someone told me about crystal litter, and I was very unsure about these multi-coloured granules. . However, we gave it a whirl and the cats seemed fine with the change. . The cool thing is, they change colour when they are no longer functional (sort of like your toothbrush and they are unbelivevably amazing when it comes to trapping odours. . I have not come across a better kind of litter. . i also like how it does not clump and create dust, it is easy to scoop, and only needs to be stirred to freshen. . we change ours every 2-3 weeks and scoop / stir it frequently. Crystals are the winner. .

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than Swheat Scoop. . The pellets are similar in size to that of compressed newspaper and have an interesting reaction. . The pellets break down as they urine and it turns into sawdust. . Feces sort of sit on top of the litter or catch a few pellets in it while the cats are cleaning. . I found that it got quite dusty with the urine breaking down the pellets, but if you keep the amount of litter to a couple of inches it is manageable. . you also have to be more precise when scooping (same thing with the newspaper pellets because you cant exactly sift out larger, clean pellets through your shovel and end up scooping clean litter away as well. . However, if you were ever a kid that played in a sandbox, this shouldnt be an issue for you. . It also holds odours in pretty well i have to say, i did not noticed a wretched smell coming from the box after we switched to that brand. When Feline pine ran out, we started using. If youve ever tried Red river cereal, it looks very similar to Swheat Scoop. .

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Malee was brought up on that litter so we kept using it until paislee came along. . Then we moved to something designed for a multi cat home, bringing us to the clumping litter scenario. . The cats were seemingly indifferent to the litter types, which somewhat surprised me since ive heard cats can be pretty particular when it comes to litter and hals are not good with change. . I was not a fan. . The house smelled, the stuff was messy, dusty and got everywhere when we were changing or scooping. . Cheap or not, it sucked. The thing with litter is, there are so many different kinds of kitty litter and they all come with their own host of warnings, costs and environmental issues. . so after months of contemplation, we decided to give some other litter types a whirl. . we purchased a small package. Feline pine (compressed pine pellets) and, swheat Scoop (wheat litter). .

Finally, cats are pretty finicky (you dont say and if they dont like that smell theyll find somewhere else to do their business. . If you are going to use something, stick to a natural solution like a half-lemon left in a dish near the litter box, an open bowl of vinegar, a box of baking soda or a charcoal air filter. We were just downright cheap when it comes to litter. I mean, how can you justify spending premium dollar on a toilet-y sandbox for cats? . Previously, weve been seen creeping out of discount grocers with their bottom-of-the-barrel kitty litter brand. . Cheap, readily available clumping litter. . It makes a total mess; it is dusty and grainy. . It does not help with odours. . i also hate scooping because dust rises and settle everywhere (and then I wonder how many toxins Im breathing in hypochondria). A litter Story, prior to using clumping litter, we used compressed newspaper pellets and found it worked (although it didnt clump as well) but it was expensive. . It was not too easy to scoop either, since you couldnt actually sift through and let the unused litter fall back into the pan. . It helped with odours somewhat, but  we were not totally satisfied. .

They seem like a product that was developed to sell in pet stores (Johnson, we need to raise our sales numbers this quarterthink of a way to sell the customers something they already have). If you want to line the box, use newspaper or tinfoil (they wont feel it under all the litter) and change it each week. . Apparently, cats dont really like liners. . The bottom line: clean your litter box out and you wont have to worry about a liner. . If you find your litter box is absorbing odours into the plastic, you can replace it every year. . we dont, but Im just saying, if you find that is an issue, theres your alternative solution. The deodorizing Products, we keep a, pureAir charcoal filter beside our litter box. . It is cleaner and looks nicer than a box of baking soda and needs changing once every 6 months. Weve found it somewhat helpful in managing the ever smelly issue of cat elimination. I am not a fan of air fresheners (they give me a screaming headache so i avoid them at all costs. . Plus I dont want to mask an odour, Id rather deal with.

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I tried the other litter mats that are made out of rubber (look like rubber spaghetti clumped together) which absorb anything (read: accidents) meaning mine got tossed. If the cats get any litter around the area we just sweep. . They treatment are pretty good at containing it to that area though. The litter box, we used to have one with a top closure and a charcoal filter. . The cats hated that closure; it trapped in all their elimination odours (think about how you feel in a full port-o-potty). . The charcoal filter sitting atop of the box didnt do much by way or eliminating odours despite the very convincing marketing. . we ditched the lid and the cats much prefer the open space. . It airs out better. . we now use a biodegradable and disposable litter box, and the cats absolutely adore the texture of it (they scratch it for fun). . I like this plan better, and would not have gone for it if the litterboxes were not biodegradable. Again, we used to use these however they became cumbersome and superfluous. I dont think the liner is a necessary step so long as you are cleaning and disinfecting your litter box on a regular basis. . best face routine

This is horrible what, do i live in a toilet?). Strategic planning, we have one box for the cats to share. . we are planning on getting a second one so that each cat has her own private space. . I like the theory behind this but i am not too fond of the added work its going to require. . According to some research ive done, it seems this is the best way to keep each cat happy and system eliminating in the right place (read: weve encountered a couple of accidents not fun) is to have a separate litter box for each cat. Further to that, managing the odours comes down to how often you are scooping the litter (i.e. Removing the waste changing the litter and of course cleaning the litter box and surrounding area. Whats worked best for us? . I think we have a pretty solid (no pun intended) routine. The mat, we keep a grooved winter boot mat under the litter box. . Its great at catching any extra granules or pieces of litter that get stuck in their paws upon exit of the commode and also helps with keeping cleanup easier. . Its plastic and easy to wash. .

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Smelly things, we look over a lot with those cats. The hair can be something else, hence our. Dyson purchase but 2 days after getting little malee. . The cat thing has taken some getting used to and now I dont wince, i just grab my cleaning product and cloth and get to work. . Discovering my cat allergies has been a good time as well (i keep the reactine folks in business and am currently contemplating allergy shots). . But I have to say, acclimatizing to living with a litter box has by far been the biggest challenge for. We keep ours by our kitchens patio door to allow for good ventilation in warmer months and also to be accessible to the backyard hose for cleaning. . Finally, we wont forget about it olive (like we potentially would if it were in our basement). . If a day goes by where it is not scooped, i freak out. . Cats aside, i have a sensitive nose and I feel like my house reeks (omg, i cant have anyone over.

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I didnt like that idea very much until we went to a ligbad pet store and saw a beautiful little kitten there. . She was white with chocolate brown ears, boots and tail. . A little siamese-himalayan mix kitten with bright blue eyes, it really doesnt get much cuter than that folks. . we took her out to play (in that little cavernous room in the pet store that closes the deal literally every single time) and that was that we got a cat. . Her name, malee, is the Thai version of Molly, which we wanted to do to honour her heritage. A little over a year later, we thought that Malee would enjoy a friend at home while we were out working all day. . we searched around for a cat we thought would match her personality well. . One day, a few months into our search, we met a little black kitten at a petSmart adopt-a-thon who was petrified of us and completely in love with us at the same time. . She looked the total opposite of Malee; all black with white tiger stripes in her undercoat (I believe her colouring is referred to as black smoke) and bright yellow eyes. . That cat we called paislee (due to her amazing striped pattern, and to have a similar name-ending to malee) and now those two have the run of the house.

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Well, Ill admit it, i love my cats. I never liked cats before i had my own; in fact I remember being horrified when i used to babysit kids with cats. . After calming the kids down from their night-time fears, my own would set. . Any sound, glow or creek in the house would scare. I was literally on edge until the parents came in the door. . The culprits of these noises? . no paranormal activity here, just a couple of cats staring at me in the dark and creeping around. From that point, cats and I didnt get along. My husband olie and I discussed getting a pet. I wanted a dog; the deal killer was that Id have to walk it in the winter because he didnt want a dog. . my husband said that we should get a cat. .

Best face routine
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To have a healthy face mask routine and reap the benefit of face masks, you must identify your skin concerns and then find masks that are formulated for that purpose. Some main functions of face masks include: Brighten, certain face masks are infused with ingredients that brighten skin. These ingredients help lighten skin discolorations and hyperpigmentation.

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Theres sheet masks, powder masks and of course cream masks which come pre-mixed and ready to use. I started using face masks religiously this year and I have noticed some amazing changes in my skincare. My goal for this post is to share the benefits of face masks, share my healthy face mask routine and hopefully, this will help you create your own face mask routine.

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Face masks pose some incredible benefits to your overall skins health. We all know what a face mask. You apply it on your face, you leave it on for 10-60 minutes (depending on the instruction) and you let it do its work. Pretty basic process yet it has some incredible benefits that no other skincare product can have. Face masks also come in different forms.

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If you follow my insta stories, then you know that I take my face masks seriously. You might have also noticed that I have a pretty consistent face mask routine. Face masks have become a must for me in my skincare routine. Quite frankly, if you arent into face masks, you should.

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